Park Press

‘Floating World’ by Clementine Blue
🌎️ Medium Blue 🌞️ Flat Gold on Munken Lynx (170)

‘Jeff Davis County’ by Georgia May Jaeckle
💣️ Black HD 🌝️ Yellow 🦕️ Teal 🌹️Crimson on Munken Lynx (240)

‘2TONE’ by David Shillinglaw
💣️ Black HD 🦕️ Teal  😡️ Orange  🌝️ Yellow on Munken Lynx (240)

‘2-Headed Boy’ by George Harding
💣️ Black HD on Colourplan (Mist, 170)

‘Imbue’ by Fourthland
🌞️ Flat Gold on Context Natural (250) 

‘Anon Trio’ by Jure Kastellic
💣️ Black HD 🌹️Crimson 🌵️Green on Context Natural (250) 

‘Butterfly’ by Eve Lloyd Knight
🌝️ Yellow 🌹️Crimson 🌎️ Medium Blue on Munken Lynx (240)
‘Blinded by the Bunny’ by Ellen Poppy Hill
💣️ Black HD on Colorplan (mist, 170)
‘Here if you need’ by Positive Post
🌎️ Medium Blue 😡️ Orange on Munken Lynx (rough, 300)

‘Sphagnum Fizzles’ by Chloe Ashley
💣️ Black HD on various found papers

‘Wildman’ by Tania Cimatti
🌞️ Flat Gold 🌎️ Medium Blue 🌵️Green on Munken Lynx (240)

‘Caravan’ by Joseph Gibson
💣️ Black HD 🌝️ Yellow 🦕️ Teal 🌹️Crimson on Munken Lynx (240)

‘Free Lunch’ by 101 Social Club (poster)
💣️ Black HD 🌝️ Yellow on Cyclus (170)
‘Ancient Cults’ by Molly Lester
🌎️ Medium Blue on Coloraction (85)
‘Toward Blue Water’ Handout by Hannah Rowan
🌵️Green on Munken Lynx Rough (240)

‘Cloth Print (M)’ by Rebecca Guez
🌹️Crimson 🌎️ Medium Blue 🌝️ Yellow on Cyclus (170)

‘Exiting the Gas Holder’ Map by Katie Fiore
For #Constellations19

🌎️ Medium Blue 😡️ Orange on Cyclus Offset (135)